To affiliate with the Computer Science major, complete the affiliation documents available at the forms webpage.

Here are some comments with respect to the requirements for the CS major in Arts and Sciences:

  • The same course can be applied for both the Historical and Geographical requirements. Courses used in this capacity may be used to satisfy other requirements.
  • A course satisfying the Historical, Geographical, or probability requirement (i.e., the requirements represented as "underlines" on the checklist below) may also be used to satisfy another requirement. For example, MATH 4710 may count as a technical elective and satisfy the probability requirement.
  • Apart from the exceptions just given, no course can be used to satisfy two or more requirements.
  • CS Core courses must be taken at Cornell.
  • Courses used for the CS 4000+ electives category must be taken under the CS rubric. For example, CS 4300 is cross-listed with INFO 4300. This course must be taken as CS 4300, not as INFO 4300, to be used for the CS 4000+ electives category.
  • Crosslisted courses parented by Computer Science cannot be used for the specialization. Check the courses page and click on a course link (not the semester link) to see the cross-listing status (the parent of the course is where the full course description is listed. For example, CS 4220(crosslisted with MATH 4260) lists CS as the parent department (i.e. the course description is listed for the CS offering, but for the MATH offering, you are redirected to CS), so it cannot be used to satisfy the specialization requirement. In addition, LING 4474, INFO 4302, INFO 3300, INFO 4300, and INFO 5300 are not eligible for the specialization.

WarningThis checklist, and all others found on this web site, are only intended for illustration purposes. You should NOT use this web version to track your degree progress. Once affiliated, CS majors have online access to an updated personalized copy of their checklist.

CS Checklist- Arts & Sciences (pdf) 

Social Science and Humanities Requirements
Course Credit Grade Semester Advising Notes
Freshman Writing Seminar 3      
Freshman Writing Seminar 3      
Liberal Studies      

5 courses (3+ credits) from 4 of the following 5 categories:


Cultural Analysis (CA), Historical Analysis (HA), Knowledge, Cognition and Moral Reasoning (KCM), Literature and the Arts (LA), Social and Behavioral Analysis (SBA)

Liberal Studies      
Liberal Studies      
Liberal Studies      
Liberal Studies      
Foreign Language =       Option 1: Passing a) a non-intro foreign language course at Cornell at the 2000 level or above or b) any other non-intro course conducted in a foreign language at Cornell. Option 2: Passing at least 11 credits in a single foreign language at Cornell.
Foreign Language =      
Foreign Language =      

Geographical Breadth Requirement _________

Historical Breadth Requirement ____________

Mathematics and Science Requirements
Course Credit Grade Semester Advising Notes
PBS       PBS= Physical/Biological Sciences
Math 1110 4    

The Calculus Requirement. Math 1910-1920-2940 is also acceptable.

Math 1120/1220 4    
Math 2210 4    
CS 1110 or 1112 or 1114 or 1115 4    

Introductory Programming

CS 2110 or 2112(1) 3    

1: Note: CS 2112 is a 4-credit intensive (honors) alternative to CS 2110.

PROBABILITY COURSE: One of BTRY 3080, CS 4850, ECE 3100, ECON 3130, ENGRD 2700, or MATH 4710 (Taking a 3000+ level course strongly recommended) __________

CS Core
Course Credit Grade Semester Advising Notes
CS 2800 3     Discrete Structures Pre= Introductory Programming (CS 111x)
CS 3110 4     Data Structures and Functional Programming Pre= CS 2110
CS 3410 or 3420 4     Digital Systems Pre = CS 2110/2112 (for CS 3410) or ENGRD 2300 ( for CS 3420)
CS 4410 3     Operating Systems Pre = CS 3410 or 3420
CS 4820 4     Theory of Algorithms Pre= CS 2800 and 3110


Advising Notes
CS 4000+ = 3+    

CS Electives (see 4th bulleted note above) : Select 3 non-core CS 4000+ level courses (3+ credits).  CS 4090, CS 4998, AND CS 4999 NOT allowed.

CS 4000+= 3+    
CS 4000+ = 3+    
CS Project = 2+     CS project = CS practicums (CS 4xx1) or CS 3152, CS 4152, CS 4154, CS 4740, CS 4752, CS 5150, CS 5152, CS 5412, CS 5414, CS 5431, CS 5625, or CS 5643
Technical Elective= 3+     Technical Electives: 3000+ (3+ crs) from application areas: CS; Bio; Chem; Math; Econ; Psych; etc. [only one of ENGRD 2700 or MATH 2930 accepted] At most two CS 4999. For other Independent Studies, see 110 Gates Hall
Technical Elective= 3+    
Technical Elective= 3+    
External Specialization= 3+     External Specialization: Three 3000+ courses (3+ crs) from the same subject area. CS courses, LING 4474, INFO 4302, INFO 3300, INFO 4300, and INFO 5300 are not eligible. SPCL: __________________
External Specialization= 3+    
External Specialization= 3+    
Major Approved Elective=       Major Approved Elective: At least 3 credit hours total. All academic courses count. No PE courses, courses numbered 10xx, or ROTC courses below the 3000-level, or courses explicitely noted by the College of Arts and Sciences as non-academic allowed


Extra Courses
Course Credit Grade Semester Advising Notes