Requirements for Admission

A Bachelor's degree in CS is required, with a strong preference to Cornell Undergraduates.  Applicants must have a proven record of excellence as an undergraduate teaching assistant in one or more computer science courses. Experience as an undergraduate researcher is highly recommended.  In addition, students should have taken the following Cornell courses (or equivalent):

  • CS 2110 - Object-Oriented Programming
  • CS 3110 - Functional Programming
  • CS 2800 - Discrete Structures (mathematical foundations of computer science)
  • CS 3410 - Computer System Organization

If you are not a Cornell undergraduate, please outline your background in the course equivalents in your statement of purpose.

The Application

January 15 we will begin reviewing applications for a Fall Semester start. Once all positions have been filled, we will stop considering new applications. An application consists of (a) transcripts of all college-level work, (b) three letters of recommendation including at least one that addresses expository skills and the ability to work in a classroom setting, and (c) an essay that explains how the degree program and the anticipated thesis area resonates with your career plans. GRE scores are not required.  Submitted GRE scores are masked and we will not review them with application materials.  

Non-native English speakers are required to take the TOEFL or IELTS. TOEFL Scores on the Writing, Listening, and Reading components must be 24 or higher and 28 or higher for the Speaking component. IELTS scores must be 7.0 or higher.

Deadline for Fall:  January 15th

Students wishing to earn a Ph.D. should apply directly to the Ph.D. program.  Students will earn a MS degree during enrollment of the PhD Program.  

Students looking for a masters degree to work in Industry should consider the M.Eng. Program.

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