CPT Procedure for CS Undergraduate Majors (International Students Only)

This procedure pertains to international students that are officially affiliated with the CS major before the internship and will be Cornell undergraduates in the semester after the internship.

  • CS majors who will be M.Eng students in the semester after the internship should contact meng@cs.cornell.edu instead of following the procedures below. (You'll want CS 5998, not CS 4997.)
  • Students who are not officially CS majors at the time they wish to apply for CPT should contact Global Learning instead of following the procedures below.

Before the internship

  1. First, you’ll need to download the application from the Cornell ISSO website: https://international.globallearning.cornell.edu/employment-and-taxes/f-1-cpt or start here: https://international.globallearning.cornell.edu/. Read the first two pages of the application carefully and then fill out the first page of the actual form (including your signature).
  2. Scan or take a clear photo of the first page. Log in to your Cornell CMail account and upload your photo to https://forms.gle/wVfkkD84HzFBbk757, filling out all the information required on that Google form.
  3. We will return the form in an email to you that indicates the department's approval; you turn in our email together with your form  to ISSO.

After the internship

  1. During add/drop for the semester you return to campus, you will receive a PIN to enroll in CS 4997 (for 1 credit, S/U). If you do not receive one by the end of the first full week of classes (the first week that has five days of instruction in it),  please contact ugrad@cs.cornell.edu with subject line "CS 4997 PIN request <your last name>" Include in the email your full name, net id, and student ID.
  2. To obtain credit for CS 4997, you will need to write a short essay (maximum of one single-spaced page) that describes your work experience and reflects on its connections to the educational objectives of the CS major. The essay should describe the project(s) that you worked on, comment on your level of preparedness for the internship, and briefly mention some of the new things that you learned.

    You'll submit that essay on the course management system (CMS) for CS 4997; instructions will be sent around the end of the add-drop period.

For additional information on the CPT work authorization process, see the ISSO office’s web page, or contact the CS undergrad office at ugrad@cs.cornell.edu