Q: Can I take non-CS courses for M.Eng. credit?

Yes, provided they are both "technical" and "advanced". More information can be found along with a list of pre-approved non-CS courses. Note that at least 15 credits must be CS courses; not counting any project courses, seminars or courses not taken for a letter grade.

Q: What is the maximum number of credits I can take in a semester?

M.Eng students are allowed to enroll in no more than 20 credits in a semester. 

Q: Can I apply credits I earned at Cornell (or another university) before I started my M.Eng. degree?

No. This is a rule of the Engineering College and we have zero flexibility on this issue. In particular, Cornell undergraduates should delay taking any courses they wish to count toward their M.Eng. degree until after they officially start as M.Eng. students (either as Early Admit or regular admits).

Q: Am I allowed to extend for an additional semester?

Currently, we are only permitted to admit students into a two-semester program. We understand that some students wish to stay for an additional semester to establish a greater breadth and depth of knowledge, however, we cannot approve an extension at this time.