The Game Design Minor is available for undergraduate students with a strong interest in Game Design as an extension on their major studies and future academic and professional careers. The core of this Minor is CS/INFO 3152 and CS/INFO 4152 (Intro & Advanced Computer Game Architecture) or CS 4154 (Analytics-driven Game Design), and four additional courses that can range from Graphics and Art, the Psychology of Gaming, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Offered by: The Department of Computer Science

Administered by: The Department of Computer Science; 110 Gates Hall

Contact Person: Nicole Roy or Ryan Marchenese, 110 Gates Hall,

Eligibility: Undergraduate students in Agriculture and Life Sciences; Architecture, Art, and Planning; Arts and Sciences*; Engineering*, SC Johnson College of Business; Human Ecology; Industrial and Labor Relations may participate in the Minor.

*Computer Science majors cannot apply CS/ENGRD 2110/2112 or courses taken under the CS-rubric (with the sole exception of CS 4152 or CS 4154) to the Additional Courses requirement of the Game Design Minor. 

Educational Objectives: This minor is for students who anticipate that game design will have a prominent role to play in their academic and professional career.

For more information: Visit the website for the Game Design Initiative at Cornell.

To Apply for a Game Design Minor/Concentration:

  • Download the form Application to Certify Completion of a Minor.
  • Obtain an official transcript from the University Registrar's Office in B7 Day Hall.
  • Complete form and attach the copy of your transcript on which you have highlighted or underlined each course used for the minor.
  • Submit the form and the transcript to the Computer Science Undergraduate office, 110E Gates Hall. 


To complete the minor/concentration, the student must take at least six (6) courses (18 credit minimum) chosen as follows:

Required Courses

  • CS/INFO 3152:  Introduction to Computer Game Architecture/Design
  • CS/INFO 4152: Advanced Topics in Computer Game Architecture/Design

      or CS/INFO 4154: Analytics-driven Game Design

Additional Courses - Choose four of the following courses:

  • ART 2701: Introduction to Digital Media
  • ART 3703: Digital Media: Projects in Time-Based Art
  • ART 3704: Interactive Digital Media (not offered every year)
  • ART 3708: Digital Media: Hybrid MEdia and Global Arts Practices
  • COMM 4220: Psychology of Entertainment Media
  • CS/ENGRD 2110 or CS/ENGD 2112: Object-Oriented Programming and Data Structures
  • CS/INFO 3300: Data-Driven Web Applications
  • CS/INFO 4152 (if not used as a Required Course): Advanced Topics in Computer Game Architecture/Design
  • CS/INFO 4154 (if not used as a Required Course):  Analytics-driven Game Design
  • CS 4620: Introduction to Computer Graphics
  • CS 4700: Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
  • CS 5625: Interactive Computer Graphics
  • CS 5643: [Physically Based Animation for Computer Graphics]
  • ECE 4760: Digital Systems Design Using Microcontrollers
  • INFO/COMM 2450: Communication and Technology
  • INFO/COMM 3450: [Human-Computer Interaction Design]
  • INFO 3460: [Crowds, Communities, and Technology]
  • INFO 3660/ARTH 3650: History and Theory of Digital Art
  • INFO/COMM 4400: Advanced Human-Computer Interaction Design
  • MUSIC 2421: Performing with Computers
  • MUSIC 2701: Music and Digital Gameplay
  • MUSIC 3431/PMA 3680: Sound Design and Digital Audio
  • PMA 2730: [Introduction to Dramatic Writing]
  • PMA 3444: [Animation Workshop-Experimental & Traditional Methods]
  • PMA 3445: [Animation History and Practice]
  • PMA 3614: Creative Character Design
  • PSYCH/COGST 3420/VISST 3342: Human Perception: Graphics, Art, and Visual Display

Academic Standards: A letter grade of C or better is required for each course in the minor.

Note: Computer Science majors *cannot* apply CS/ENGRD 2110/2112 or courses taken under the CS-rubric (with the sole exception of CS 4152 or CS 4154) to the Additional Courses requirement of the Game Design Minor.   [ ] = course not currently offered