Cornell Tech

The Computer Science PhD at Cornell Tech is the same program as in the Cornell University CS department. Any CS field member can advise CS PhD students. The degree requirements in Ithaca and the Cornell Tech campus are the same.

Students interested in pursuing their research at the Cornell Tech campus are expected to spend their first year of graduate studies on the Ithaca Campus. During their first year, PhD students are strongly encouraged to complete their competency requirements in AI, PL, Systems and Theory as well as initiating research with faculty. Students who choose an advisor at Cornell Tech generally relocate to New York City. Students at Cornell Tech can engage with Ithaca faculty on their committees and are welcome to spend time in Ithaca as appropriate for their research.

Students should consider carefully their minor subject area as limited minor courses are available at Cornell Tech. Suggested minors are: Information Science, Applied Math, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Operations Research and Information Engineering.

FAQ with more information about the two campuses.

First year PhD students in the Field of Computer Science may petition to waive the default first-year Ithaca residency requirement; allowing a student to start the PhD program located in NYC to start research with a Cornell Tech CS field member.  You may petition this requirement by using this form.  You will need the approval of a faculty member located on the Cornell Tech campus and the DGS.  Please submit the completed form to Becky Stewart.

Moving to Cornell Tech

  • Must have advisor at Cornell Tech
  • Approval from Cornell Tech Advisor to move to NYC
  • Satisfactory progress on competency requirements
  • Inform CS Graduate Office and Cornell Tech of your intention to move to the Tech campus. Suggested timeline is early during summmer. Please also include the date of your intended move.
  • Once you have informed Cornell Tech of your arrival date, you will receive further technical details with regard to your move from Student & Academic Affairs (access to the Tech Campus Building, computer, space, etc). 
  • Please be sure to remove all personal belongings from your graduate office on the Ithaca campus. 
  • The laptop that you were issued when you arrived to the Ithaca campus will move with you to the Tech Campus. 
  • Please see:  Cornell Tech PhD Student Campus Policy
  • For housing: