The software engineering group at Cornell is interested in all aspects of research for helping developers produce high quality software. Our research necessarily includes the development of new automated techniques and approaches for tackling some of the biggest problems that developers face today. We are interested in creating new tools, processes, and methods that are grounded in careful studies of developer needs.

We are a young and growing group. Our current research strengths are in software testing, runtime verification, and making lightweight formal methods usable during everyday software development. For latest updates, visit the web pages of the faculty.

We also seek to improve software engineering practice through teaching. Our courses give students the opportunity to construct large software features, occasionally for real clients, while employing effective techniques likely to be encountered in industry such as version control, code review, and continuous integration testing.

Recent Publications

  • ASE 2022. Inline Tests. Yu Liu, Pengyu Nie, Owolabi Legunsen, and Milos Gligoric.
  • AST 2022. Comparing and Combining Analysis-Based and Learning-Based Regression Test Selection. Jiyang Zhang, Yu Liu, Milos Gligoric, Owolabi Legunsen, and August Shi.
  • ICSE 2021. An Evolutionary Study of Configuration Design and Implementation in Cloud Systems.Yuanliang Zhang, Haochen He, Owolabi Legunsen, Shanshan Li, Wei Dong, and Tianyin Xu.
  • ICST 2020. Prioritizing Runtime Verification Violations. Breno Miranda, Igor Lima, Owolabi Legunsen, and Marcelo d'Amorim.
  • OSDI 2020. Testing Configuration Changes in Context to Prevent Production Failures. Xudong Sun, Runxiang Cheng, Jianyan Chen, Elaine Ang, Owolabi Legunsen, and Tianyin Xu.
  • FSE 2020. Understanding and Discovering Software Configuration Dependencies in Cloud and Data-center Systems. Qingrong Chen, Teng Wang, Owolabi Legunsen, Shanshan Li, and Tianyin Xu.

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