Checklist of tasks required to fulfill all graduation requirements:

  • Schedule and announce your B exam 7 days prior to exam date
  • Provide a draft of your dissertation to your committee a minimum of 3-4 weeks prior to B exam date.
  • After successfully completing your B exam, submit your final dissertation using Proquest
  • Remedy all University Holds
  • If you are a January degree candidate, please read this for instructions on how to terminate your spring semester health insurance.  The department is not responsible for spring health insurance charges.  If you would like to keep your spring health insurance, you will be billed for it on your bursar bill. 
  • Clear out all personal items from office and throw away any items you no longer wish to keep.
  • Talk to your advisor about what to do with any of the things they purchased for you
  • Make sure your department-issued desktop is clearly labelled and grouped with the the department-issued electronics (monitor(s), keyboard, cables, etc) on your desk - these are the only things you should leave behind.
  • Inform Becky Stewart of your leave date.

CIS Account END Information

  • Get 3 months of access after listed departure date
  • After that, data will(may) be deleted
  • Students can work with their advisor to extend access or re-locate data
  • Please remove any forwards to the CS address.
  • Your CS e-mail address will remain in place, but you will no longer be able to access the contents of the e-mail box associated with that address.
  • If you would like your CS e-mail forwarded, please submit a help desk ticket with your new email address.  Otherwise you will not receive email sent to your CS e-mail.
  • Your Web Space will remain up, but you will not be able to edit it, please remove files, set a final message, etc. as needed.
  • Computer: You will need to turn in your department issued computer(s) to 130 Gates.  If you would like to retain your computer, please contact your advisor who will work with the department to consider the request.


Graduating in January?

Graduating in May?

Graduating in August? Sorry no separate ceremony, but you can participate in the May event.

The Department of Computer Science holds a small Departmental graduate recognition ceremony each May the day prior to the University ceremonies. This event is open to all Computer Science Graduate Students who have completed or will be completing their degree in January, May or August of that year. Diplomas are not distributed at this ceremony. Ph.D students will be hooded by their advisor or their representative at this ceremony.


January Diplomas - are mailed in early/mid March to the address specified in the students' record as their HOME address. Students can also request that their diplomas be held by the University Registrar for pick up.

May Diplomas - University regulations do not allow diplomas to be awarded until the President of the University officially confers the degree at the University commencement event. As we historically have held the Departmental ceremony the day prior to degree conferral, diplomas are not distributed at the CS Graduate Recognition Ceremony. Diplomas are distributed either at a pre-arranged location following the University event or at the Computer Science Master of Engineering Office the week following.

August Diplomas - are mailed in mid/late November to the address specified in the students' record as their HOME address. Students can also request that their diplomas be held by the University Registrar for pick up.

*** Diplomas will not be distributed to those students who have any University Holds on their record. Students can determine if they have a hold by checking their student center ***