Research night is a semesterly event that introduces undergraduates in CIS to research opportunities. It has two parts: a panel discussion about how and why to do computing research, and a virtual poster session where undergraduate prospective researchers can meet PhD students and forge potential collaborations.

For fall 2020, research night is Thursday, October 8, 5:30–7:30pm:

  • Join us at 5:30pm on Zoom for the panel.
  • Around 6pm, hop onto our Gather space for the poster session and to meet the PhD researchers.

If you're interested in what this was like last semester, you can check out the recordings from research night in spring 2020.

PhD Researcher Posters

Yunhao Zhang

Free will, oligarchy and democracy in Byzantine ordered consensus

Gloire Rubambiza

WaterGuard: Toward Cheap Automated Irrigation Systems Powered by the Cloud and TV White Spaces

Kiran Tomlinson

Optimizing Choice Sets Under Discrete Choice Models of Group Decisions

Dietrich Geisler

Caiman: A Heterogeneous IR for Cross-Device Compiler Optimizations

Richard Phillips

EC, Representation, & Inequality

Shiang-Wan Chin

Zikai Alex Wen