Enrollment information for all 1xxx - 3xxx CS courses for Spring 2021 semester.

  1. Enrollment is on a first-come first-serve basis with no wait list option.
  2. Overlap/time-conflict requests: Cornell is strongly discouraging enrolling in time-conflicting courses.  Nonethless, for courses marked "see note 2" below, instructor consents to overlap (aka time conflicts). Still, college registrars may still deny such petitions except in exceptional circumstances.  To get instructor signature, email cs-course-enroll@cornell.edu (not the instructor) with the relevant form for your college:  A&S Time Conflict FormEngineering Time Conflict Form; or consult your college's registrar for the right form. We will return the signed form to you for you to do the ultimate submission to your registrar.

Please see the list below for specific course information.

  • CS 1110 - Overlap is NOT allowed for lecture or discussions. 364 seats are reserved for freshmen and sophomores during pre-enroll. Additional seats will open up during add/drop.
  • CS 1112 - Overlap is NOT allowed in lecture or discussions.  Lecture time is moving to Tues/Th 2:40-3:30 so that CS 1110 and CS 1112 lectures no longer overlap. This change should show up on the roster soon. (Note of Dec 7, 2:30pm). (Update of Dec 7, nighttime: the change is now in the roster.)
  • CS 1132 - About overlaps for LEC, LAB, or both,  see note 2 above.
  • CS 1133 - About overlaps, see note 2 above.
  • CS 2043 - About overlaps, see note 2 above.
  • CS 2110/2111 - Now listed as having "asynchronous" modality, so overlaps are allowed without petition.  The course will continue to offer an optional synchronous Q&A session during the original lecture slot, TR 10:10-11:00.
  • CS 2800 - Overlap is NOT allowed for lecture or discussions. 
    Lecture and exams for this course are primarily in-person; the only exceptions will be for students who cannot come to Ithaca and who need 2800 to graduate or to affiliate with CS. Online exams will be permitted on a case by case basis. 
    You may file a request for enrollment permission at the following form (CMail/NetID login required); requests will be processed and granted permissions will be sent in February/add-drop period.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScO8TkNw4hY6ekkXwH3I6IcNjoGuxB32LpbCVTejHiy1h4xSg/viewform?usp=sf_link
  • CS 3110 - Overlap for discussions is NOT allowed. 
  • CS 3152 - This course is by application only and does not allow overlaps:  http://gdiac.cs.cornell.edu/courses/application/  
  • CS 3410 -  Overlap for discussions is NOT allowed. For overlap with lecture, see note 2 above.

Submit all course inquires via this email address.