Fall 2016 Computer Science Colloquium

For a list of videos from past talks click here (Net ID required)

Thursdays at 4:15pm in G01 Gates Hall - Mentor's Lecture Hall (Unless otherwise indicated)
Reception at 3:45 in front of 416 Gates Hall - New Visions

Thursday 09.01.16

Pseudorandomness via iterative simplification

Speaker: Raghu Meka, UCLA

Host: Eva Tardos

Thursday 09.08.16

Unsupervised Learning: The Next Frontier in AI

Salton Speaker: Yann LeCun, Facebook/NYU

Host: Bart Selman

Thursday 09.15.16

Optimization and Small Data: Still Interesting After All These Years?

Salton Speaker: Margaret Wright, NYU

Host: David Bindel

Thursday 09.22.16

Building an Autonomous Cyber Battle System: Our Experience Competing in DARPA'S Cyber Grand Challenge

Speaker: David G. Melski, Grammatech

Host: Fred Schneider 

Thursday 09.29.16

Improving Resource Efficiency in Cloud Computing

Speaker: Christina Delimitrou, Cornell ECE

Host: Hakim Weatherspoon

Thursday 10.06.16

The Contextual Bandits Problem: A Fast, Simple, and Optimal Algorithm

Speaker: Robert Schapire, Microsoft Research NY

Host: Karthik Sridharan

Thursday 10.13.16

Enabling Software-Defined Network Security for Next-Generation Networks

Speaker: Vyas Sekar, CMU

Host: Elaine Shi

Thursday 10.20.16 (Talk begins at 4:30pm)

‘Discovering Laws of Semantic Change’ and ‘Extracting Social and Pragmatic Meaning from Everyday Interactions’: On Applying Computational Linguistics to the Social Science of Language

Speaker: Dan Jurafsky, Stanford

Host: Cristian Danescu-Niculescu-Mizil 

Thursday 10.27.16

Computer Scientists and the Federal Government

Conway-Walker Speaker: Susan Graham, Berkeley

Host: Fred Schneider

Thursday 11.03.16

Topic/Title TBD

Speaker: Kevin Leyton-Brown, UBC

Host: Eva Tardos

Thursday 11.10.16

Topic/Title TBD

Speaker: Steve LaValle, UIUC

Host: Ross Knepper

Thursday 11.17.16

Topic/Title TBD

Speaker: Dan Spielman, Yale

Host: Bobby Kleinberg

Thursday 12.01.16

Topic/Title TBD

Speaker: Michael Franklin, University of Chicago

Host: Rachit Agarwal